Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Shadow Bombing

What a crazy couple of months it's been living up here in the Hills.  I can't believe I'm leaving this place already but I got a job offer in Canada and I'm going!

April Fool's!  Haha.  Actually, it got up to 80 here the other day and I was thinking that's getting a little warm for my blood.  But I wouldn't entertain any offers to leave this place.

A girl at work sent me this photo.  I always park my bike in the same spot and she comes to work about an hour after me when the sun is up and she said she sees this cool shadow image every morning.

Nice photo, I think.  That's the ol' Blue Bomber.  Still doing it and doing it hard!

BTW, I can't get enough of Arctic Monkeys just now.  And speaking of great music... Hairball is playing the Mountain Grand in Deadwood on Friday the 13th in November.  If you're reading this, consider it an invitation to join me.

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