Monday, August 17, 2015

Can't get high enough

I've been doing a lot of rock climbing.  I can spend half a day scouting out a big spire or stack and then finding a way up it.

I'm not using any technical equipment.  I just hike into the forest and find a beauty.  No ropes, no gloves- just climb up.  Most of what I find is craggy enough for good hand holds and steps.  A lot of it has exposed veins of quartz.  Those are the best climbers!

Of course I'm careful.  I'm as careful as when I ride my mountain bike.  In fact, a good climb takes me to the same place as a good bit of singletrack.  Hanging on to the edge of the rock, concentrating on hands, feet, and balance is just like hanging onto a handlebar ripping through singletrack.  It requires so much focus that everything else disappears.  It's Mind-Body-Soul therapy.

Getting to the top is the goal, but it's the trip up that makes it worth it.