Monday, September 15, 2014

New favorite album: Aha Shake Heartbreak-Youth & Young Manhood

That's two albums, but I've never listened to one without the other so I don't know where one ends and the other begins.

If you cried at the end of School of Rock then you know.

"I didn't hear the question, but the answer is music."
     -Gary David Eastep

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ozark Trail - Council Bluff Weekend

I could have titled this post: New Favorite Trail in Missouri outside of Kansas City.

Because I had a long weekend, I planned a little getaway down to Mark Twain Natl. Forest for some riding and paddling.  My plan was to spend 3 days and 2 nights at Council Bluff riding and paddling but my trip was truncated due to unending rain.  I didn't get a paddle in, but I got a couple of nice rides in regardless of the rain.  That's what I love about the Ozarks- rain or shine!

I got to Council Bluff in the afternoon and, after settling on a campsite, figured I had just enough time for one lap around the lake.  I'd ridden the CB Trail before including a couple of Bonebenders many years ago.  It's a beautiful trail.  It drizzled and misted the whole time I was riding but the trail handled it fine and it was actually quite nice.

I slept in the next day and prayed all morning for the steady drizzle to stop.  Finally at around noon, I figured it had let up as much as it would.  I took the trail out of the campsite and followed the connector to the Ozark Trail where I turned south and followed the Trace Creek section for a about 10 miles.  Beautiful.  Out-and-back rides are nice sometimes b/c you know exactly what you're in for.  What a great trail!  I want to go back soon and ride a lot more of the OT.

Friday, September 5, 2014

New favorite salsa: Lizano

I used to have Lizano on hand all the time when I lived in Manhattan.  I think I must have got it at the Asian food market on Colorado.  Anyway, I forget all about it until I saw it in Costa Rica.  It's like ketchup down there.  M got me a bottle the last time she was down there and I've realized how great this stuff is once again.

It's not hot.  It's sweet and spicy.  It's good on eggs and many other things.  Here's a recipe:

Cooked rice (warm), diced white onion (cool), and Lizano.  It's great.  Not sure of the nutritional value but it's cheap and filling.  And it goes great with green tea.

Monday, September 1, 2014

New favorite day to work: Labor Day

Double & half time X 16 = Chinnngg

Actually it's still not worth it.  Work in general is not worth it if we're talking about work in the job sense.  Work is good otherwise- like in the energy X mass thing or whatever it is.

Whatever it is, IT IS.

I think I'll buy a new bike frame.  Road.  Because life is too short to clammer around on a carbon frame.  I'm tempted to get another Curtlo, but 3?  I already have a cross and a mtb Curtlo.  The thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable.  Like when you meet a new friend and you go frogging and rock-skipping and stuff like that. And then you're like, Hey, you should come to my family reunion.  Then it gets wierd.