Friday, September 20, 2013

Manion's Cross 13

Pending Joe and Britton's approval, the course will look like this:

And here's the quick and dirty tour...

Start in the barn looking east; go around the big sweeping  righty 'til you head back towards the barn (that's a climb), and that's the finish line at the top; go down and through the "h" and head back up to the barriers- which are marked with a dollar sign b/c that's where all the girls in bikinis will be hanging out; then down and up, past the pit, dah-duh-dah... Mr. Stitches... yadda yadda, switchbacks, past the pit again; through the Crazy W (say: "Craaazeeee Dub-yaah"); corner; through the barn, and... (deep breath) lap two...

One and quarter mile lap, give or take.

Day two will be opposite, backards, t'other way round you see.  Get it?

This is the race you should have your mom and dad come watch b/c almost all of it is visible from the food/drink tent.  It's like finding a hot dog vendor on the goodyear blimp.