Sunday, September 27, 2009

Diamond Blackfan CX

photo: Jane Adams

Aaaahhhhh! FINALLY, cyclocross season begins!!! Now we need the weather to come around. It felt great to get out on the grass, gravel, sand, and... wooden bridges? Well, anything goes. Awesome course but I hated the cowtown barriers- but whoever placed those should be proud-brutal.

I got 3rd in the 3/4 race and Joe A. scored a podium spot in the Masters. Eric looked strongest of many teamates in the 4 race and landed in at 10. Man, that was a huge field! Cross is here to stay I guess.

I was so happy to see all my mates out to race. I was afraid that Colavita might fade into the shadows come cross season but that's just not gonna happen. I'm so fired up right now I don't know if I'll sleep.

Much love to all those yelling and making noise. At some races, your friends are lined up just right around the course so that every time you really need some help, they're there. Today was like that.

Quote of the Day:
"I'd puke but I don't have the energy."
-Steve V.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Piriformis is a pear-shaped muscle that runs from the bottom of your spine through the hole in your pelvis and out to your upper leg. Mine is bad. After enduring ,literally, a pain in my ass all summer, I finally went to my ortho today. From what I could decipher from the doc's analysis, I've got reduced power and mobility in my left leg b/c of it and further inflamation could start to cut off nerves causing more problems down my left leg. The piriformis doesn't actually relate directly to any cycling motion, which is why it's so frustrating. It's a muscle that controls lateral leg movement- which you shouldn't be doing if your stroke is true. Nonetheless, it's surounded by all my other ass muscles that I DO use for cycling and when it's not happy it causes all kinds of problems. I don't need any more problems. After years without illness or injury, I've been hit with both this year. I start PT on Monday. Hopefully "Chad" has warm hands.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday, October 3, Kansas City

We'll meet at a yet-to-be announced location and carve a meandering trek towards the American Royal BBQ where we'll carve into some hunks of meat.

More details coming soon...

CONTEST: First person to respond here and name the album I've ripped off gets free beer at all stops before the BBQ!