Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Hate Squirrels, Part 3

I ran over another squirrel today. I was at the front-right of a double paceline with a dozen guys behind me. So, when I saw the squirrel shoot out onto the road, I held my line and hoped for the best. The best would've been for the little dude to turn a 180 and head AWAY from the approaching swarm of maniacal machines- but we're talking about a squirrel here... with a squirrel-sized brain... and a squirrel's sense of mortality. So, the critter darted into our path and I got him with my front tire right across the back- Wha-WAMM! We all rode on and all was cool except my front fender took a hit and was jarred lose.
Other than that, the Belton Gravel Grinder was awesome. Great to be out on the bike mos def. Well, I had a another spoke break but I simply took that as a sign that I need to start losing weight and training again. The Grinder, yes, was very good. John Williams put together a great route that took us from Belton to Drexel and back. We passed through this weird little kitchy old towne (really weird) place on the way to Drexel. But that's par for the course in sub-rural Missouri. I love that stuff. Kansas is so purpose-built and to-the-point. Missouri is queer... because it can be, I suppose.