Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The most awesome guitar solo ever

Describing the feel of a certain bike can be like trying to describe the most awesome guitar solo ever.  It's impossible.  It's a futile endeavor, but we try.

My new Curtlo feels like that, so I won't try... well, just one point:  Soul.  It must have (a) soul- and it does.

There are precious few things on this planet that move me, stir me, appeal to me, and ultimately define me.  And like the most awesome guitar solo ever or my favorite new bike, those are things indescribable to others no matter how badly I want them to understand.  What does a banana smell like?  Phenomenological, you might say- well, I might say.  But I digress.  I said I wouldn't try, and I won't.

Just know that it sings to me.  It strikes a chord.  It rings a bell.  It floats my boat.  It blows up my skirt.  It curls my hair.  Think about what does that for you and you'll know how awesome it is.