Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Natural State

Spent some quality time in Arkansas this weekend.  No, not racing Joe Martin.  I was on the dirt.  I've been itching to get on the MTB for weeks now but it's been too wet around here.  The thing about Arkansas is, you can ride it regardless of the weather.  In fact, it rained all day in Rogers and it was still sprinkling when I started out on Hobbs.  I spent most of the time riding through mist/drizzle without a single problem.  The soil/tread is such that it drains superbly and any water on the trail is just that- water.  It doesn't combine with the dirt.  No ruts.  No mucky mess.  My bike was actually cleaner after the ride than when I started!  Brilliant!  (Remember those Guiness commercials?)

Let me say a word about the Vista trail: Fantastic.  It's not a difficult trail.  You won't come home bragging about some feature you cleaned.  It's just beautiful.  Curves in all the right places.  Superflow, bro!  I always start at the west trailhead by Shangri La and ride east towards Hickory Nut Mountain.  Out and back is 25-30 miles total depending on where you turn around.  Womble gets the press but I wouldn't skip Vista if you're down there.

Next trip down there will be mid-December.  I'll have my new geared hardtail by then and I plan on riding Hickory Nut and the Womble climb... finally.  I know- sad.