Friday, September 28, 2012

Boss Cross Tomorrow

Guess I'll start riding a bike again.  Guess I'll start with Boss Cross.

I wish Dave Mustaine and Henry Rollings were running for president instead of the two jackasses that are.  I think I'd vote Dave but I'd like to hear the debate.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Manion's CX

Another beautiful weekend at Manion's!  Thanks to everyone that came out and raced hard.  The general consensus is that this year's race course was way easier than in years past.  No whining, crying, puking, or quiting... hmmm, that doesn't seem right.  Well, the point is the have fun and I'm glad everyone had loads of that.

Thank you everyone who helped out over the last few weeks- especially those who worked hard all day Saturday and Sunday to ensure the races went smooth.

Congrats to Andrew Lyles and Casey Buta for a couple of great wins yesterday- those were really the only two races I had a chance to watch.  Heard some other team mates had some great races too.

For those who are worried about the Re/Max sign on the front gate:  MANION'S IS NOT FOR SALE.  Jody is simply leasing out space in the barn.  So relax, there will be a Manion's CX next year!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012 Manion's CX Preview

Preliminary course design looks like this:

1.5 miles and 200ft of climbing per lap.  I wanted the course to be staightforward this year- what you see, is what you get.  No gimmicks, wee-wahs, or trickery.  Long stretches divided by 180s for lots of sprints, a long grinding climb to test your power and a section of tight corners to test your handling skills.  Mr. Stitches is out this year but the Boy Scout Camp run-up/ride-up is back in.

Of course this is all subject to change, but I wouldn't try to lie.

Come storm the Manion's Barn!