Sunday, April 17, 2016

Away from the things of Man

Humans can suffocate.  Rocks and trees give.

I have to get away from the things of Man.

Except for cheese... cheese is always good.

Sometimes I think I want nothing more than to leave this planet.  That's just me being lazy and short-sighted.

Besides, Earth might be the only place you can get good cheese.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I explore.

At my core, I am an explorer.  I live to discover.  New lands.  New music.  New beliefs, philosophies, or ways of doing things.  New trails!  The moment of discovery is an exhilarating experience- one that can not be duplicated.

Consider that I did my very first barefoot forest hike this weekend.  It's something I'd never thought of, but it was incredible!  More about that later.  Here's the vanguard discovery of the weekend:

Cara showed me some amazing trails I never knew existed.

We rode for an hour (or 3) up to a beautiful vista where we stopped for a refreshment and pondered the landscape below.

We could see the trail network we'd ridden across stretched out below us.  It was like looking down on a live trail map.

The air was crisp.  The sky was blue.  The beer was cold...ish.

So much of what we are comes from what we experience.  I felt a little more alive than I ever have before after this day.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Epic Weekend

I know... "Epic".  Read on and you decide.

Saturday morning breakfast:

Pretty Epic.

Then I did a fantastic ride with some fast dudes in town.  We rode to Keystone and back.  50 miles and 5000 feet of elevation gain.  That's Epicy, I think.

Then I was shown a place where the moss growing on the rocks right in front of me was just as spectacular as the view of the peaks of The Hills.  And... Oh!.. there's the clouds!  Epic scenery.

I had several "I live here" moments this weekend.  Maybe it wasn't all as epic as I make it out to be.  But for me, sitting here Sunday night, I feel like sometime in the history of the future there will be a tale told about the adventures I had this weekend.