Sunday, April 10, 2016

I explore.

At my core, I am an explorer.  I live to discover.  New lands.  New music.  New beliefs, philosophies, or ways of doing things.  New trails!  The moment of discovery is an exhilarating experience- one that can not be duplicated.

Consider that I did my very first barefoot forest hike this weekend.  It's something I'd never thought of, but it was incredible!  More about that later.  Here's the vanguard discovery of the weekend:

Cara showed me some amazing trails I never knew existed.

We rode for an hour (or 3) up to a beautiful vista where we stopped for a refreshment and pondered the landscape below.

We could see the trail network we'd ridden across stretched out below us.  It was like looking down on a live trail map.

The air was crisp.  The sky was blue.  The beer was cold...ish.

So much of what we are comes from what we experience.  I felt a little more alive than I ever have before after this day.

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