Friday, September 30, 2011

Boss Cross 1-2 Pre

Rode over to the BC course at Barry Platte this afternoon. Looks a lot like past editions but some different corners. Some wicked off camber stuff with roots looks to be challenging and fun. Long stretches of sand. Looking forward to racing tomorrow for the first time in a oolong time. If you want to see how cross is done right, come out tomorrow. Or else miss out- dummy!
I haven't been training at all. I used to train like a Pro but I outgrew that shit. Mostly just been going out and doing fun rides wherever and whenever I feel like it. Not sure if that exactly the BrettS plan but it's gotta be close. Anyway, I'll have fun tomorrow mos def.
I live about 3 miles from Barry Platte so I'm planning to pack a bag and ride one bike and ghost the other over. That way I won't have to drive- that's a good day already! See you there.