Thursday, September 29, 2016

We love our chickens

3 good little chickens are laying eggs.  2 bad little chickens are not.  Bad chickens are not long for this earth.

Annie is the BEST.  She lays an egg every day.

The coop is my own design.  I tried to match the house.  The chicks seem to dig it.  It's big enough for 10 but we've only got 5 in there now.

Free range and organic (mostly).  They are so good.  We let them out and they wander the forest and the neighborhood and they come back at sunset.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Cara and I spent the last two weekends in Wyoming.  We got so so lucky with the weather: 70 and sunny!  That's great for Wyoming in September.

We rode Curt Gowdy one weekend and the Bear Lodge Mts the next.  Curt Gowdy is an IMBA Epic- look it up!  Because, I can't even begin to explain how fun it is.  It's a big playground of bulbous rocks.  I was grinnin' like a baked possum all weekend.

I've never seen anyone groove through technical stuff like Cara.  Inspirational.

Curt Gowdy should be on everyone's "To Do" list.  I want to go back there and kiss all those rocks.  I love you, El Alto.

And in other news... Annie and Goldie are laying eggs.  Good job, girls!

I just love eating the young when they are fresh and warm.  Yes I do.