Monday, September 1, 2014

New favorite day to work: Labor Day

Double & half time X 16 = Chinnngg

Actually it's still not worth it.  Work in general is not worth it if we're talking about work in the job sense.  Work is good otherwise- like in the energy X mass thing or whatever it is.

Whatever it is, IT IS.

I think I'll buy a new bike frame.  Road.  Because life is too short to clammer around on a carbon frame.  I'm tempted to get another Curtlo, but 3?  I already have a cross and a mtb Curtlo.  The thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable.  Like when you meet a new friend and you go frogging and rock-skipping and stuff like that. And then you're like, Hey, you should come to my family reunion.  Then it gets wierd.

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