Sunday, April 12, 2015

Carl the Audiophile

I backed off the 2 thousand dollar sound system.  It would've been completely fantastic but in a bow to sensibility I visited craigslist this morning and found that Carl in Newell had a few items to sell.

Having now met Carl, if I was filthy rich and I was building some dream estate in some exotic place, I'd hire Carl to come build my sound system.  Dude is truly an audiophile.

I rode 89 from Alkali this morning and then called Carl and woke him up at 1:30. He said he was hung over as hell but to come on by and he'd show me what he had.

Long story short... and IT IS a long story... I got a quadraphonic system from Carl for 1/10 of what I was going to spend.

(Pre-Carl:  Who needs it?!)

(Post-Carl:  YES!!)

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