Saturday, April 11, 2015


When I left KC, I stuffed everything I could into a U-haul trailer and the rest I gave away, left behind, or threw away.  One of the things that wouldn't fit was my stereo system.  It was aging anyway and clothes and bikes took priority.  So, I've been getting by with a old laptop, an even older Pioneer reciever with only half a channel (only one speaker works) and a small radio shack shelf speaker.

Enough.  I am literally surrounded by dogs in my neighborhood that bark incessantly.  I've tried to talk to the owners (b/c it's an owner problem, not a dog problem) but no satisfaction.  So today I went to the Sound Pro stereo store and explained to Eddie my problem.

Oh sweet Jesus in Heaven have mercy upon me b/c if I'd have been wearing clothes in there the system he showed me would've blown them off!  Yamaha amp, Klipsch 4ft. towers, and a big ass sub box.  He said, " two grand".  I said, "sold".  Problem solved.

I don't poke, I pound.

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