Sunday, April 26, 2015

Misty Mountain Hop

It was raining today so I went for a hike.  Those who know me well know why I prefer to hike in the rain.  It was beautiful today.  Started out drizzling, then let up to a sprinkle, then mist, and finally it was just cloudy.

I hiked the Flume Trail from the Sheridan Lake trailhead.  The trail follows the path of the old flume constructed in 1880 in order to get water down to Rockerville for placer gold mining.

The flume itself is long gone- the trail is set on the old flume bed.  It makes for a nearly level gradual decent of 1100 feet over 11 miles from the water source down to wear the placer mines were.  It's an impressive engineering feat.

I did a short 3 mile loop today and explored a couple of rock mounds.  I'd like to walk the whole thing down to Rockerville.

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