Sunday, November 23, 2014


I've been spending my mornings before work raking leaves off the trail at WYCO.  It's nice to be able to set tires on dirt and to be able to see the (formerly) underlying obstructions but most importantly I'm knocking down the leaf berms.  This winter when it snows, the melt will shed off on the clean trail and it'll be a couple of days before it's ridable rather than a couple of weeks.

I hope to finish this weekend- oh, my weekend is Monday/Tuesday- so I can ride it after that.

I have had several people stop and thank me for the work I'm doing.  They think I'm a Trail Mason.  I tell them I'm just an interested party making a contribution.  They don't realize it's a selfish endeavor.

The Trail Masons have created something great and it deserves a whole lotta love.

By Thanksgiving, WYCO will be primo and the most solid ride in town.

Thanks Cliff and Joe and all those who've contributed to this masterpiece.  I hope you don't mind me touching it up.

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