Monday, January 26, 2015

I live here!!

(From the hill behind my house in Rapid City)

I celebrated my 8th birthday in Spearfish, South Dakota.

We always went up to Grandma's house in Deadwood- which is in the Black Hills- during the summer and I can't remember happier times.

In particular, July 27, 1979 would become and still remains my single most favorite day on this planet.  My Mom always let my sister and I call all the shots on our birthdays and I chose to spent it at the park in Spearfish where the cold mountain stream flowed.  I can remember my sis and I playing in the water until our legs turned blue from the cold water and then running out to make sure our legs wouldn't fall off.  I still have rocks in a jar collected on that day.  I got an Evel Knievel motorcycle toy and a giant chocolate cake with M&M's on it and we ate that cake right there in the park next to the rapids.

That night, lying in bed at Grandma's house, I prayed to God, Please I want to live here.

Thank you God.

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  1. I have tubed on the same creek several time in Spearfish so reading this brought on a huge grin on my face. That is an awesome part of the country (world); enjoy!