Tuesday, November 11, 2014

4 Days in Arkansas

I just got back from 4 days in Arkansas.  Hobbs, Leatherwood, and Womble X2.  I felt like my toe was finally healed enough to go 100% (and I was right) and I thought it might be my last chance to get down there in a long time.

I think I've finally figured out the formula for a smooth Arkansas trip.  I drove directly to Hobbs and rode there the first afternoon, then stayed in Eureka the next two nights.

I spent all of Day 2 riding.  Started out at 8:30 am from my room at Sherwood Court (Awesome place!) and headed into town for a quick breakfast.  Then I rode out to Leatherwood and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon on the trails.  After that I rode back through town to Sparky's for post-ride eats and drinks, finally returning to my room that night.

There is no better place for beer and burgers than Sparky's.  They have the best on-tap selection of beers including many local micros... and CHOCOLATE BEER!  And their salsa burgers are crazy good.

Days 3 and 4 were spent on Womble.  I'd originally planned to hit Vista on one day but decided I wanted to ride all of Womble instead.  That trail is a singletrack dreamland.  I did an out and back from the Fishing Village to Hwy 270 the first day and an out and back the other direction from North Lake towards Hwy 270 the second.  The trail was a little overgrown on the section from Hwy 270 to 94, but otherwise it was in great shape.  Beautiful.

There is a section of trail in the middle where it travels the south-facing slope.  I'd only ridden that section one other time- on the very 1st "Arkanthaw".  I remember taking a picture of Doug and Lyle on the exposure that day and it's also when Sweet Feet McCreavey came into being.