Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To put a fine edge on things

I spent most of my day off reshaping and sharpening my pulaski.

It's the only pulaski I've ever owned and it's one of my favorite earthly possessions.  I remember buying it at the Ace Hardware in Manhattan because I wanted to touch up a few spots on Fancy Creek Trail.  What an amazing tool.  Thank you Ed Pulaski.

While I had the file and stone out, I put an edge on my spade as well.

It's great to have a sharp edge on a spade because the weight and driving force makes it a great tool to get through big roots with one cut.  I don't hone the edge on the spade- I only file it because it gets dinged pretty quickly anyway due to contact with rocks and all the other things you do with a spade.  But when it's sharp, and if you can find a giant vein of a root just under the surface of soft ground, when you plunge it in and divide the thing with one powerful plunge.. well, the feeling is like no other.

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