Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's A L I V E ! ! !

The SS is up and running again on a new set of wheels. White Ind. ENO and H2 hubs laced to Sun rims. White Ind. is so awesome. I told Britton what I wanted and he had the stuff from W.I. in hand 4 days later! I also splurged and got a W.I. trials freewheel. It's got great engagement with 72 points but what I like the best is that it's perfectly round! I can tension my chain just right and there are no tight or loose spots- beautiful.
I'm running 39-18 at Smithville this weekend. Rain is in the forecast and I'm hoping and praying that it gets sloppy. I'm really not in good race condition and sloppy conditions would help me a lot by slowing the fast guys down. Then it becomes a bike handling game.
Rumor: Manion's Cross II! Actually this isn't even a rumor anymore. There will be a second Manion's Cross coming in November. I went out and started scoping out a new course tonight. There may even be a double barn-burner. And pavement. More info. coming soon...

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