Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blue Bomber

This is what I'll be kickin around on this winter. This was my first real high-performance road bike. Dave at The Pathfinder in Manhattan, KS gave me a great deal on it after it'd been sitting in the shop waiting for a home for a couple of years. That was in 1995. It's been dressed up many different ways since then and it's been across the state of Iowa more times than I have. It was the first bike I took on Ragbrai. Together with a borrowed red Specialized Allez, my friend Corey and I rode every mile as The Blue Bomber and The Red Rocket, respectively. The Turd Rocket and the KYBO Blaster came later... but those are different stories.
I can already feel the good this thing is doing me after just a few rides. It's great to be back on a SS again. I'm using a geared hub wheel on the back with a QR but as long as I keep it clamped down tight and don't wag too much when I stand up, it stays put. Most the rest of the stuff is "junker" parts but somehow they seem to work together well on the ol' junker Paramount.


  1. That looks like a perfect bike for the McCoy's ride.