Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pee-proof pants

Swrve pee-proof pants.
My GF, Michaela has a pomeranian and by default, I have a pomeranian. A known characteristic of pomeranians is that they have 'excitable urination'. My question is this: If you're breeding dogs, and you're breeding in, or out, certain characteristics, wouldn't you breed out the excitable urnination??? Seriously. Apparantly this is an endearing quality amongst pomeranian owners. So...
I rode up to Zona Rosa tonight with the intention of using my Dick's Sporting Goods gift certificate but only made it as far as the bar. I was sitting there drinking when my good ol' friend Will from NYC called and said he just landed at KCI. So he came over and we had a drink and dinner and some laughs and then I headed home. Oh, I had a steak cooked Pittsburg Rare- that's basically bloody and cold inside and burnt on the outside- haven't come to a ruling on that just yet...
Anyway, I rode home and on the way stopped and grabbed a sixer of Lunar and in my own excitement of arriving home and opening said beer and seeing said dog, I forgot about the most prominant pomeranian trait... excitable urination. I encouraged her up on my lap and she jumped up and proceeded to let loose. Only, here's the thing. I was in my Swrve knicks and as she let loose on me- tongue wagging- the pee beaded and cascaded right off me and onto the couch. Couch be damned! These pants are awesome! I jumped up when I realized what was happening and suddenly I realized the miracle that had occured. There was absolutely no pee on me! No pee on me! No pee on me! Sing it with me, "No pee- uh-uh- On me..." It shed right off, I tell you! Incredible.
So, just one more great thing these pants do. I live in these on the bike in fall-winter-spring. Now I know I can love my dog Sadie in them with no worries. Rad.

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  1. That's funny...I'm wearing a pair myself right now. Worth every penny!