Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pig Sticker

Courtesy "A" Winter Wind Storm.  That is the official title of Sunday's wind storm, I guess.  I worked a 16 and my policy following storms is to reward myself for the anguish I endured using the overtime money I earned.  It makes me feel better.

I've wanted a Buck 119 for years.  It's an american classic.  6" blade.  $60.  Can't be beat.  I have been using an old BSA knife forever.  It's been a good knife but the blade is pitted and doesn't hold an edge and the stacked leather handle has fallen apart.  Also, I have been left wanting a little longer blade many times.

It's not fancy.  But fancy don't make the pigs squeal any louder.  Yeeee - haaaw!!

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