Monday, January 20, 2014

New Bike Carrier

Got a new transport vehicle for the new bike.  Picked it up today and went straight home and threw the kayak on it.  Will and I did some bird scatterin' and ice crashin' at WYCO today.  Beautiful day to be on the water.  Sun was out most of the time and we found some warmth out of the wind in some westside coves.  "Westside"... yeah.  Must have been about 2314 geese, 43 swans, and 1767 ducks on the water.  We tried to get along with them but we did scare up a few clouds.  It's an amazing site to watch a dozen or so swan take off, but the sound is indescribable.

Oh, it's a Nissan Xterra Pro4X.  That's right, PRO.  6 speed manual w/ 4 hi and lo.

Plan for tomorrow is to hit Swope before it thaws in the morning.  Finally ride the new bike!!!  I'm thinking 10ish???  Hopefully...

Huh, my car has more gears than my bike.


  1. I wanted one of those when I was 12 so should fill that thing with batteries and put an electric engine in it.