Sunday, January 12, 2014


The new Curtlo is complete.  A ride around the block told me everything is straight and solid.  A proper thrashing comes next weekend.

It's tight.  With a 40.3/4 inch wheelbase and 422mm chainstays, it should be a surgeon.  But you never know what kind of personality all the numbers equate to until the tires hit the dirt.  The build focus was "solid" and "nimble".  I told Doug what I wanted and he nailed it.  It makes me think of an F4U Corsair WWII fighter.

I used a lot of reassigned parts from my Cove Hooker, so that didn't help to keep weight down, but I don't really care.  Here's some specs:

OX Platinum frame w/ 44mm head tube and conventional BB
Profile BMX cranks w/ Tree spline drive 30t sprocket
5 speed cassette on a Hadley SS rear hub and a D/A derailleur
circa 1992 XT thumbie
Avid cable disc brakes
Chinese carbon "All Mountain" rims


  1. absolutely nothing wrong with the sanity of a man who builds carbon rims to 5 speed hubs!

  2. 5 speed? Shit... what year is it? Oh crap, my brain just exploded.