Saturday, March 26, 2011

Arkanthaw Reprise

When me and the boys did our annual Arkanthaw trip this winter, I missed out on the epic Womble day due to illness. I rode Letherwood and Syllamo our first two days but then got deathly ill on our drive down to Hot Springs and spent the next two days firehosing out both ends (once again, my apologies, guys). I can't begin to tell you how terrible it was sitting in the car at the Womble trailhead watching everyone else roll away for a 6-hour singletrack adventure.
So... the other day, Michaela told me she has to attend a certification class for her job and it's in Little Rock, and would I like to come along and bring my bike? Well, there's only one answer to that question! We'll be down there from Monday through Thursday. Weather looks great except for a chance of T-storms on Tuesday. I can work around that. The plan is to hit Vista, Womble, Burns, and Camp Robinson.
I've been spending some time this winter/spring trying to figure out some routes where I can get at least 100 feet of climbing per mile. I hadn't been able to hit that mark until today where I got 2600 feet in on 23.5 miles. I hit all four lakes in my area- Waukomis, Houston, Riss, and Weatherby and the bumby terrain in between was enough for me to hit my goal. I have another route that nets me 3600 feet in 38 miles but I'd really like to find something that's 4000+ in 40+ miles. There are some great hills between Plate City and Smithville that I haven't logged yet, so maybe I'll get my 4k-40 or even a 5k-50 out of some of that. Need that and some strategic headwinds to train for Hermann.
Yeah, the ride today in the cold and wind reminded me why we pack up and take our mtbs to Arkansas every winter. Kaze ano nyuh hyakoo!!

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