Thursday, July 28, 2011

Royal Jelly

I've got a malfunction in which my body does not create a certain enzyme that aids in the detoxification of my system. In particular, I'm low on enzyme UGT1A1 which causes me to have a high level of unconjucated bilirubin. Normally it's quite forgettable and it's not an issue but when I have an episode, I feel exhausted, tired, and very low on energy due to the increased toxicity in my system.
I was diagnosed about 15 years ago and haven't really had to give it much thought except for a couple of times. However, over the last week I've really got into bad shape. I'm sleeping 12-14 hours a day and still need more. Can't ride more than 5-10 miles without just about completely shutting down. It even fatigues me to walk up and down the stairs.
I've never tried to do anything about it before b/c I was told there was no remedy and that it was a very mild and harmless condition. Well, to most people it probably is, but as a cyclist- particularly one building for late season form- it's frustrating bordering on infuriating. So, I've done the requisite internet research and came across a few bits of witchcraft.
The first thing I'm trying is Royal Jelly. It's super-honey. It's the superpower stuff that a regular bee is fed in order to transform it into a queen bee. It really does that! Supposedly the B vitamins in it counteract my enzyme deficiency and the other stuff in it is super energy food. It's like crack honey. I'll try it for a month or so, or until the jar is gone and see what happens. At the very least it's got great natural sugar and carbs. Hitting some of this stuff just before a race start might be just the thing. I don't think there is a test for it yet...


  1. Might try doing a 10day lemonade fast. There is plenty of info on the net. It involves drinking Lemonade made from fresh organic lemons with Grade be Maple syrup added. For ten days. Also involve drinking saltwater in the mornings to flush you system. It's pretty hard to do, but has good results.

  2. Hey Dan - stumbled on your blog via volker via somethingclassic...

    I've been dealing with similar issues for (knowingly) over 10 years, likely longer but just not aware as the symptoms weren't manifested as anything severe. Only until recently when taking a blood test for life insurance policy registration, then again for an ER visit, did those blood tests come back showing the jacked bilirubin. Gilber't Syndrome, I presume is what you describe? Now that I'm aware of this disease, it's answering so many questions that I'd given up on over the past decade. I don't get the severe fatigue during rides (yet) but very tired most of the time (I'd chalked that up to approaching 40 in age), but mostly these past couple years I've had an extremely difficult time focusing. Figured that was adult ADD or what have you.

    What's bothered me the most is a buildup of acid or glucose(?) in the muscles that adjoin my knees and elbows (hams, calf, ITB, bicep, tri etc.). What happens is a perpetual contraction of those muscles so that I start developing tendonitis as it starts damaging the tendons. If I do too much or too little, this will still occur, but I've learned to maintain a happy medium of effort and yoga that's kept strength and flexibility up. If I do try to run or do a squat workout, those muscles are knotted for nearly a month. Very slow recovery, which I'm assuming is related to my body not filtering out those toxins as it should. I've noticed these flare up more when I eat more sugars and starches, so I've been swapping pre-ride pb&js for honey on wheat & something with a little more protein, and trying to eliminate most processed food to better results. Lots of tuna, eggs and black beans have lessened the muscle buildup (but increased the intestinal). I'm curious to hear how the Royal Jelly works for you. Good luck.

    cheers - Kevin