Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Manion's Cross 2 preview

As you can see from the course map, a lot more of the racing will be done up on the flatter part of the hilltop. There will still be a nice painful climb- but only one this time! We'll go through the barn again and we've added a unique Manion's style LeMans start we're calling the "LeManion's" start.
Course will be approximately 1.6 miles and it will be run easterly through the barn. The "stitches" section is downhill and most of the climbing occurs after you leave the pond and head towards the pit area. Notice the pit is double-sided and it's located next to the parking area- no toting bikes and wheels halfway around the course!
Bring 5 canned goods to donate to the Cranksgiving effort if you want a call-up! See all the latest info at the official Manion's Cross blog.

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