Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sun on the drum

When I got home from my day out today and before I went inside to have my bath, I grabbed a beer and sat down on the back stoop and supped in the sun.  It was a beautiful day- Chamber of Commerce Day, I dare say!  So I sat in the 3 o'clock sun basking in the glory of the day and I tilted my head just so the sunlight would shine directly on my eardrum.  That's an awesome feeling.

Smiling with the sun on my drum.

But before that...

Rode The View this morning with friends.  A great ride.... not sure what else I can say.

Then we drank a beer or two in the parking lot and as we were packing up to go, this girl I'd just met wanted to do another lap.

So I went around again.

That's a good day, yes?    Yes.

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