Monday, November 30, 2009

Flyover at Duck Creek

While visiting Michaela's family in Dallas over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the chance to sneak into a local race. There was no mistaking I was racing in Texas- hot temps, flat as a pancake, and Lone Stars emblazened on most jerseys. Although there is no solution for the weather or inexplicable Texas pride, the organizers did make up for the lack of elevation differential with a contraption called "The Flyover". As seen in the photo above, it was a large set of stairs on one side followed by a steep ramp down the other. Neatly tucked below the large bridge structure was another smaller ramp which we navigated just before turning sharply and climbing the brige. I'd seen pics of these structures, but never before had a chance to ride one. It was fun, but I'd still prefer a good 'ol natural climb.
As I said, the course was super-flat. It was dry too with few obstacles to slow you down except a tiny patch of light mud and the requisite baracades and sand pit. The corners were wide and sweeping too so it was flat-out almost all the way through.
I was late getting to the line and slotted in on the last row. The wide straight start allowed me to get up to mid-pack before the first corners but The Flyover was near the start and I got caught up in the traffic jam on that. I knew I didn't have a chance at a top placing so I settled in and started picking my way up past riders on subsequent laps. Eventually I found a rider to pace with and we rode the last half of the race together. The promoter seemed to be friends with him and was giving him placing and time checks on our way around and from his info I finished in 8th. But when I looked at the sheet they had me in 15th. I don't know, seemed like I was much better than that- it wasn't that big of a field. I didn't protest though. Whatever, I had a fun race and felt fortunate that I got to experience The Flyover.

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