Thursday, April 23, 2009

I hate birds.

It's not bad enough that the whipoorwills keep me awake all night with their incessant car alarm-like bleating. Or that the crows make sure I NEVER sleep in past sunrise. This morning on my ride into town I took a lark to the face.

It's burn season in the Kansas Flint Hills and that means the air is swamped with a smokey haze. Not so good for the lungs, but it makes for the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets. This morning I was JRA enjoying the bliss of a brisk morning ride under a beautiful multi-colored sky when... WHACK! --poof of feathers, then a limp body lodged in the crook of my shoulder. I brushed it off while continuing on but it left a nice little scratch along my cheek bone and my eye is a little puffy. Hope that little ____er didn't give me avian flu.


  1. jesus! a bird flew into my head two days ago during my morning bike commute, although i think mine was a sparrow. Looked back and he was flopping around on the ground.
    I finally cat'd up. we need your help in the velo tek though!! Matt P. is a no show also.

  2. I'm thinking ski goggles and a motocross helmet will solve this problem..