Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After an extended winter break, I'm finally getting back to a regular commuting routine. It feels oh-so-good to be riding to and from work again. With all the racing action and my travels this spring I haven't been able to settle into a routine. I've only been ride-commuting once a week and sometimes not at all. But over the last few weeks I've been riding 2-3 times a week and I can feel that 4-5 days a week is just around the corner- Woohoo!

I live in a remote area north of Manhattan on the shores of Tuttle Creek Lake, so for the first 6 miles I traverse some pretty rough gravel roads just getting to civilization. Then it's 6 more miles of smooth winding hilly blacktop as I make my way away from the lake and out to a state highway. Once I jump on the ample Highway 13 shoulder, it's 8 miles into town and another 2 through town to work. I usually complete the 22 mile trip with a stop at Radina's Bistro for a fresh scone before heading to work for a shower and change. Then I've got all day to look forward to the ride home!

Home is 300 feet higher than work and I pass over 3 large hills each between 1/2 mile and 3/4 mile long with pitches between 6 and 10 percent. Then halfway through the gravel sector I have my favorite little darling- a 80 meter 20% kicker that has ever changing conditions between loose powdered gravel, mud, washboard, and hardpan. Then it's 3 miles across open range where I sometimes have to give a couple "yeehaws" to clear the cattle off the road. What fun.

I am truly blessed. It's a battle sometimes just getting on the bike at 6am but it's ALWAYS worth it.

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