Monday, March 23, 2009

Double up at the Dam

The the 3rd and final Dam Race was this weekend and I finished out my Cat 5 "career" in brilliant form bringing home another victory. That gives me the series crown for the race.

With the C.5 series captured for Colavita/Parisi, I was looking ahead to the 4 and 3 races where Brad W. and Britton K. were in contention. I was feeling O.K. after a little rest and a frosty carb-loaded beverage, so I convinced the USCF rep to cat me up on the spot so I could help Brad out. I figured I'd do what I could as long as my legs held up and then fall off the back if that's what it came to. As it turns out, I felt great and stayed at the front with Matt and John for nearly the whole race. There was never a moment when Colavita/Parisi was not leading this race except for the short-lived 2-rider strong Velotek attack, which I swiftly chased down.

Matt put in the big turns initially and John and I helped him as much as we could in the final couple of laps. At one point all three of us were on the front ala Damage Inc. On the final lap Matt got out the big stick and I think he and Brad rode off half the field before we even got to the hill! I stayed close but I didn't have anything left in the legs after 11 trips up the hill and I had to watch several riders go around me. I got a few places back near the top but just missed out on top ten, landing on 11.

Still, a Cat 5 1st and a Cat 4 11th in back-to-back races isn't a bad days work I suppose.

Congrats to Britton on earning the Cat 3 crown and to Brad who earned the Cat 4 crown even though he wasn't awarded it. And to Jane for another 1st Place and the series win for the Women. Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee definately put our stamp on the Dam.
Photo credit: ROGER

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