Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snow's Up, B'rah

It was a fine day out today.  One could not ask for better weather in February.  Spent most of the day at the Little Spearfish Canyon climbing area.  It was recommended by a friend and he said it was unlike anywhere else in the Hills.  He was right!  Except it's just like Spearfish Canyon only, well, littler.  We didn't anticipate the snowpack up there but we got through it and it was actually quite an adventure.

Then I had my first cheeseburger at Lewie's in Lead.  Bam!  That's a good patty!!  And as we sat there sipping beers in the setting sun, my friend Jimmy came by with a pair of skis for me.  My first pair of skis ever.  Gotta hit the slopes!

That's a good day.

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