Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Further up and further in"

That's C. S. Lewis.  It's from the end of The Last Battle where the children and the talking animals go to heaven because they seek it out and go to it.

Popular belief is that, at some point, we step through a doorway.  But could it be that we're here to collect the pieces?  Could Heaven be the sound of falling snow and a thousand other things all put together just right?

I believe heaven is a place you find when you seek it out.  It takes concentration and determination but it's there if you have the strength to find it.

Sometimes it seems shrouded like in a fog in front of me- like something I can only slightly see more clearly if I don't look directly at it.

I haven't found it but I'm a lot closer.  I keep looking under rocks and behind trees.

It's not always there, but sometimes it is.  The seeking out is what's important.

And when I do find a little piece I get a little further up and little further in.

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