Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Shoes

There's nothing like new tires on the MTB.  I've been running Neo-Motos for a couple of rotations (and I love them) but before my Neo-Moto fad and prior to my WTB obsession, I was really into Tioga.  So, when I needed new shoes for the Curtlo I ordered a set of trusty Neos and I also got a Tioga Psycho Genius just for kicks.  Get it?  That a joke, Son!  Like, people call shoes, "kicks"... anyway...

The Neo is pretty common tread- see Kenda Nevegal, Maxxis High Roller, etc.  But the Neo has a little stiffer sidewall.  I like that on my hardtail when I'm bombing rocky descents.

My plan is to run the Psycho Genius on the front for a month or so and then run it on the back to see how it does.  Initial impression are that it is really tall and round.  It's stamped 2.35 and it's all of that.

In the continuing interest of the Curtlo's diet, I also swapped out my 57mm Kore B1B stem and Ritchey SC bar with a 70mm Thomson and Renthal carbon Fatbar.  Less 1/2 pound.

Test ride tomorrow up and down Norris Peak and around Bone Collector.

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