Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Costa Rica and Nicaragua were both incredible.  If you like fish, fruit, and nice people, you should go there.  If you mostly want to hear english and want stuff to be pretty then go to Costa Rica.  If you want bigger bolder adventures and don't mind a little grit, then it's Nicaragua.

Our hosts Fritz & Brigid put us up in there home above Playa Hermosa for our stay.  Hermosa means 'beautiful' and yes it is.  The people we met there were all so happy and quick to become our friends.

From Hermosa we explored the coastline as far as Playa Grande.  Grande has the big waves.  It also has the best tacos, made right on the beach in a hut.  My favorite beach was Playa Azucar, 'Sugar Beach'.  It was sweet.

Thanks to Mike for the great food, drink, and entertainment.  Thanks to the howler monkeys for waking us every morning.  And thanks to Gary for everything else!

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