Friday, October 21, 2011

V18: Riding With (a) Purpose

I've been tending shop at Volker on 18th St. while Britton is busy with other things. It feels great to be commuting to work again! Road training gets stale quickly and it's hard to get motivated, but having a goal, a pursose, a mission, a destiny(!) keeps it intersting. Depending on my route, it's between 17 and 20 miles down there, so I'm getting almost 40 miles a day. Sometimes I take it easy, sometimes I go hard. No worries, just good fun miles- all on the old winter SS.
We got some brand new Velocity Blunt SL 29 rims in and I built them up around C-4 hubs. Wow, are these things light! I have Blunts on my 650B and I was curious how the SL version would look. They are a bit narrower than the regular Blunt but are still wider than most XC rims. Also the rim is flattened in profile at the nipple holes instead of having a shallow point- it looks much more finished and solid. If you have a disc-specific cross frame, these would be da bomb.
How great is wool? Seriously. I'm not one of those weirdo Wazis. I wear plastic clothes quite alot, but yesterday it was 33 when I left in the morning and 60 when I returned home. I wore Swrve knicks and a bamboo t-shirt with a wool Volker jersey- same thing, both rides- and was perfectly comfy. Awesome! If you don't have any Swrve clothing, you're life is missing something.

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  1. Swrve and a volker sweater is like magical ! if you put another layer and a winder breaker you can take ride in the freezing cold, something that road with all of last winter. ONly this time i am gonna throw in a swrve hoodie layer with a cycling cap for awesome como on headgear.

    Its fun Having Dan at 18th Street shop, he is the BOSS and if you want to make it a party bring beer after 3-4pm and always on FRIDAY!