Saturday, January 16, 2010

Epic Cross

Sadly, today's Epic Cross race ends the cross season. I got 2nd behind Songer in the SS again and won some more beer (Hear that, Joe?). It was the sloppiest conditions I've ever ridden in- very fun. This was the most spectator-friendly race I've been to. Due to the tight layout and the pseudo effigy mound running down the center of the field, you could see the entire race easily except for where we disappeared for about 10 seconds behind a snow bank. Mark and Epic staff layed out a nice course. Again no barriers. Is this a Series 60 thing or a heavy snow thing?
Big THANKS goes to Roger who cleaned off everyone's bike after they raced. You rock, Rog!
Season wrap-up and thoughts and some parts reviews coming soon...

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  1. Congrats! Now get serious and start getting you some street cred!