Monday, June 29, 2009

Breakthrough Tour of KC crit series

It was good to get back into some races this weekend. It felt good to be back in the pack. I finished 2 of 3 races and won a couple of primes in the process, so I can’t complain about the weekend as a whole although I am still quite frustrated with some health issues I’m dealing with.

Friday’s Longview crit was O.K. I won an “also-ran” $50 prime and then fell off the pace and finished in 19th. It was brain-boiling hot for our 5:45 start and I cooked myself attacking for the prime. Stull hung in there, cross-eyed as he was, and nabbed 6th. I was disappointed to find out Bike Shack took 1-2-3 on a break. Wow, that should never happen. I never saw them get away b/c I was near the back at the start and apparently they got away near the beginning. Shame on whoever was on the front and watched them ride away.

Saturday in Lee’s Summit was a bummer. It was raining and I love racing in rain so I was feeling kind of jacked up- maybe too jacked. We were all together as we finished lap 2 and a prime was announced. I shot off the front and got a big gap but coming around turn 3, my rear wheel slipped a little and I pulled my hamstring trying to hold everything together. I stayed upright but I had to sit down and try to work out my cramp. I kept looking back waiting for everyone to fly by me but it took forever and I nearly coasted across for the prime anyway. I was just barely pipped at the line, but by then I was more concerned with my leg. I tried to ride another lap and stretch it but it wasn’t working so I DNF’ed on lap 4.

Surprisingly, Sunday was a good day for me. I felt O.K. and hung in the lead group, won a beer prime, and finished with the pack. There was an officiating decision at the end where we went from 5 laps to go then to finish lap with no warning. I was catching my breath at the back of the pack at the time and couldn’t move up to do anything but luckily Stull was in a good position at the front and came away with 4th. Dave finished in front of me as well. I got around a few guys on the back side and on the finish stretch there was only one more rider I could possibly catch so I dug in and got him by a half bike length at the line. It felt great to finish off a race even though it was a sprint for 18th.
Congrats to Matt and Nate on a couple of 2nd place finishes. Remember Nate: Look for the car with the blinky lights.

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