Sunday, February 22, 2015

Smith Goggles

I was tired of the snow getting into my eyes when I ride, so I picked up some goggles at the local ski shop.  Smith Scope for $48.  They're bottom shelf but are just fine.  They are double lens and vented so they don't fog and very comfortable.  They had some for 300 and 400 bucks.  I'm told these were cheaper partly because they have optical distortion.  I told the dude that I kinda like optical distortion.

I hiked the Rock Maze this morning in them at zero degrees and they were great.  Kept my face warm and my eyes protected from the sun.

I hiked down to the creek and walked the bank for awhile before heading back up to the rocks.  I saw this peculiar track across the ice.  It looks like a something has dragged another something across here.  What do you think?

I also took a short ride this afternoon in my new goggles.  It was about 5 degrees with bright blue skies.  Again, they did great to keep the bitter wind out of my eyes and the sun too.  I'm digging them!

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