Thursday, February 26, 2015

Old v. New

Crabon double tap technologically-advanced v. reliable Steel precision.  I like them both.

I set both bikes up independently just by feel.  I've put thousands of miles on the Jamis and hundreds on the Rossin and they both feel good.  Not having a girlfriend, or any friends, and really nothing else to do but satisfy fleeting curiosity, I set them side-by-side to compare the measurements.  Turns out the back-of-saddle to center-of-stem length is equal to the millimeter.  Also the top of the bars from the ground is exactly the same.  Saddle height from BB was off slightly.  Wheelbase- surprisingly- was exactly the same as well.

It was a cold ride in this morning.

Had I known it was this cold, I might have driven my car.  Oh well oh well.  Exposed skin hurt a little bit but it wasn't too bad except going through the gap.  The gap is the break in the hogback were Rapid Creek flows.  This morning there was no wind so all the really cold air settled down along the creek.  Humidity was unusually high and that is what made things hurt.  Thank God for my Smith goggles!

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