Saturday, February 7, 2015

Norris Peak Road

I rode up into the hills today to Norris Peak and back.  30 miles or so.  The sign at the top of the hill said 5226ft. and my house in Rapid is at 3150, so that's like 300 feet!

It was another beautiful day here.  It was 50 when I started out in the morning and by noon it was on it's way to 70.  There is an ice rink downtown that was mostly water today but it didn't stop the die-hards from skating.

Also downtown is the best bike shop around.  It's called Cranky Jeff's.

Most of the time when I go in there, Jack and Jill are running the place.  They are super people and know their stuff.  Their names aren't really Jack and Jill- it's Betsy and Dave.

What's super quasi-universal is that the alley just next to the shop is covered in crazy good graffiti- just like the alley next to downtown Volker in KC.


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