Sunday, February 8, 2015

Deity Compound pedals

This is a review for the Deity Compound pedals:  They're good.

I've decided to put my bike on a diet and these pedals are the first step.  Dropped about 200 grams from the Ringle Zuzu's .  I'm very fond of the Zuzu's but thought, what the hell, I'll give something new a shot.

As you can see, they are larger and more square than the Zuzu's and much thinner too.  I'm hip to the physics of a thinner platform- closer to the axle and all that- but I was a little tentative about giving up the concave.  They do feel completely different.  I could easily .......

WTF?  Sorry... I was just listening to a live Beatles set and realized they are singing in German....  Anyway, back to the review.....

So, yeah, I can feel that I'm stepping on the axle but it's not a bad feeling and it actually provided a bit of slip to make stance adjustments.  And my fear of slipping because of this was unfounded.  They're grippy.

Deity calls them "injection molded nylon fiber composite".  I call them "plastic".  Really hard plastic.  At 340 grams, they are light.  And at 48 bucks, they are cheap.  They get good reviews and I'd recommend them after one ride.

I like them.  Yes I do.

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