Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Home-crafted bike rack

I made a small fork-mount bike rack for the back of my car but I got tired of taking the front wheel off every time I went to the trail.  It works great for roadtrips b/c it keeps everything inside, but when I'm just driving 30 minutes to a trailhead it's kind of a PITA.  So, I made a receiver hitch rack.

Basic design- no arms to swing about or latches to work.  Just a tray w/ two tie-down points.  Solid.  Works.  It's all steel and it weighs just under 20 pounds so it's easy to load on the vehicle.  I spent $65 on it including the cost of a brand new set of tie-down straps.  I had Metal By The Foot make the tray for me.  They cut and bent it to my exact specifications.  The rest of it is hardware store stuff.  I spent a few hours at the drill press and grinder and, after some finish filing, bolted it all together and rattle-canned it.

It holds tight but I cut a tennis ball to fit over the handlebar just in case.  If testing goes well over the next few months I'll probably build a 2-bike rack of the same design.

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