Saturday, December 22, 2012

Black Rose

I was listening to Thin Lizzy the other day and it dawned on me that Phish's Guyute is a musical doppleganger of Black Rose.  I'm not a musical study but the soul of the two songs are nearly identical.  This has probably already been discovered and discussed in depth, but I didn't know- it's fun discovering stuff by yourself.

Took my life in my hands and did some Christmas shopping by bicycle yesterday.  The random icy strips made things interesting.  I had to get a foot down and triangulate a few times.  Other than that, it was smooth going.  Lots of puddles to splash through!  Folks in their cars were really happy to see me out and about.  They tooted there horns with glee and swerved close to me in an attempt to show their love.  They even yelled out a few Christmas wishes to me.  Well, I couldn't hear exactly what they said, but I have to assume it was "Merry Christmas" or "Glad Tidings!".  It's so nice when people get in the Christmas spirit.  Joy!

The systematic elimination of anything tactile continues to disappoint me.  I can't help but think the obsession of marketers' insistance that insulation against everything real makes life easier- and therefore, better- contributes to peoples hostility towards anything that is real.  I'll take a toggle switch over a touchscreen any day.  It started out ok but it's gotten out of control.

Friday, December 14, 2012

3 Strange Days


Dragged myself across Swope today.  3rd day of trail riding.  Tired.  Feel-good tired.  Back to the salt mine tomorrow.

That was a good 3 days.  What's that band that does that song about 3 days?  It's like Fish Stew or A Bowl of Fish or something???  Help me out here.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Indian Creek

Rode some of Doug Long's newest stuff up at Indian Creek today.  Fun Factor = 10.  There are a couple of gritty climbs but most of it is swoopy and it flows perfectly.  You can pump all over this thing and if you can fight off the urge to touch the brakes you can get around nearly every corner at speed.

10 miles are done on the west side of the lake and plans are to continue across the north end and come back down the east, completing the loop.  I saw some of the areas where the trail will continue and it's going to be beautiful.  It's already a great 20 mile out and back ride.

By the way, anyone who poo-poos on an out and back trail ride is a sucker.  Every climb becomes a decent.  Every decent, a climb.  Drops to steps.  Steps to drops.  It's all very ying and yang.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey, Where's Perry?

Rode Perry today for the first time in a long time.  That trail has bang for the buck, no doubt.  Lyle and KTC have everything in order out there, so if you're looking for a nice ride this weekend, do it.  The entire trail is groomed- not one leaf anywhere, just dirt and rock tread!

Carlyle was my favorite section this time around.  Super-duper.  I've been pondering getting a geared mtb and so I rode today with thoughts of what I'd change about my current bike.  Good ride to test all the pertinent parameters.  Good... place... to... get some thinkin' done.  I'm leaning towards having Doug Curtiss fire me a OX Plat hardtail built around my 650B's.  I dig his banana stays and I'm a huge fan of breezer dropouts.  Never EVER underestimate the importance of solid dropouts.  It's like two rural phone books and a burrito compared to a ship with wings and a bunch of pretty girls on it.