Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smithville CX

Another great race in the De Stad series. The course was very similar to last year but with the added pleasure of The Beach- a 50 or-so meter length of soggy sand along the sunny and beautiful shores of placid Smithville Lake. Ahhhh, what a wonderful place to spend a leasurly Sunday afternoon- or burning your legs off whilst holding down breakfast. That's some fine cross.
I had fun and felt great other than some sore legs from working out with Roberto the day before. Boy, Roberto reeeally did a number on my ass! Nate S. and I took advantage on Saturday of a free 'Power and Endurance Training For Cyclists'. We pounded on tractor tires, climbed ropes, jumped on things, ran, and skipped, and jumped. It was fantastic but it left my legs quite sore. That's my excuse for finishing 7th- HA!
Ate a Minskys pepperoni pizza and watched Evil Dead II with my girlie this evening. It has been a fantastic weekend.
My boy Andy is looking stronger every race. He scored another 2nd in the 4 race flying the Colavita colors for the first time. Adam K. looked good too. Michaela has stated she will do her first race in Manhattan on Dec. 12- looking forward to seeing that!!


  1. Good racing with you this weekend!

    Be sure to check out:

  2. Dude, next time you want to pound on something the day before a race, just call me. I will let you pound on about 1200 stakes. Then you will have a valid excuse for being tired on race day....